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Luxury Accommodation in Tenerife!!

Posted by podencorescue on May 22, 2010

Compact, bijou, naturally air conditioned, secluded, rustic accommodation available in Tenerife………………………………

This is one man’s idea of suitable accommodation for numerous Podencos on the island of Tenerife.  The shack is built into the hillside and the dogs have no access to an outside area for exercise. It is unsanitary and dangerous and the local animal welfare association, ADEPAC,  is trying to seize the dogs for their own welfare.

German association, Canarian Animals in Need (CAIN), have sent me this and many other photos of Podencos on Tenerife that need help. ADEPAC cannot house any more animals and are desperate for new homes for Podencos across Europe.

These photos show a seperate incident of two tiny puppies that were rescued from an underground concrete bunker in a field miles away from anywhere. With no food and water we can only presume they had been left there to die!!!

These dogs need your help!

If you are able to adopt, foster, sponsor or help in any way please contact:

CAIN  – Germany       http://www.canarian-animals-in-need.de

ADEPAC – Spain      http://www.adepac.es 

or send an Email to podenco.rescue@hotmail.com and I will forward your mail on.

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The story of the Galgo in print now …

Posted by podencorescue on May 20, 2010

Beryl Brennan, of Galgo News, has spent a long time researching and writing her book “From Heaven to Hell – The Story of the Galgo” and is pleased to announce that it is now available in print.

Although it is written primarily about Galgos, their plight is exactly the same as that of the lesser known Podencos.

A percentage of the sales from this book will benefit abandoned and mistreated sighthounds in Europe.

Read more at       Galgo News

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Rescued Podencos arrive in Nottinghamshire

Posted by podencorescue on May 16, 2010

I recently reported on the rescue of four Podencos from the Sara animal shelter on Lanzarote. Well, they have now arrived in the UK and join the one remaining bitch from the previous rescue operation. Rick and Lesley Beauchamp are currently fostering all five on their Nottingham farm and are looking for loving homes for them.

Rick has written a full report on them all in the hope of finding forever homes as soon as possible:


CHRISTINA age 2, came into the shelter as a young puppy and spent her first 20 months within those 4 walls.

Chrissy is a real character, in some ways she is almost feline in her ways. When she plays she pounces (as do many Podencos but Chrissy is so precise she could catch a rolling penny). Christina is just about the prettiest Podenco we have seen – a real eyeful, beautifully marked and put together – everything is in proportion. She has lived in our house since she came to the UK last November apart from about 3 weeks when she was adopted but, unfortunately, returned when her adopted family split up!

She is loving, attentive, incredibly clean around the house and good with children, other dogs, cats and horses. She also quite happily spends a couple of hours in a large cage as she often sits in one of our cages at teatime and curls up in it afterwards and goes to sleep. Christina has had an unfortunate start to her new life in the UK and we are incredibly fond of her, so her new home must be very, very special. She needs a good hours exercise a day, a fully enclosed garden as she is a great escape artist – no gaps or hedges to crawl under and at least a 5 foot boundary fencing!  She isn’t the best traveller in cars either but will get better and copes ok provided she has a sickness tablet. Really Christina would be best suited to a home with another dog as she likes canine companionship.


 ABRILA, age 2, is Christina’s litter sister with the same good looks as her sister but with much plainer markings.

She came to the UK recently and is currently living in our kennels. She is initially rather reserved with people but secretly longs to be your friend and when you can convince her to snuggle up next to you she loves it! Unlike her sister she’s not such an escape artist but we’d still require a totally secure garden environment for her.

We are finding out more about her every day and she is continually enchanting us with her attitude to her new life. Podencos notoriously “go for a long run” when let off their lead but Abrila so far only wants to gambol around the other dogs.

She loves to play, loves a cuddle, loves other dogs and despite her initial reservations loves people.


AGORA age 3 – We had a spare air ticket on a flight back to the UK as we had only chosen 3 Podencos (we try to bring 4 to spread the costs) so we asked the vet at SARA who she would like us to rescue and without a moments hesitation she smiled and said Agora! This lovely little bitch had been in the shelter for 2 years, she was admitted with really bad mange that is, thankfully, all cleared up now. Within 2 days of arriving in the UK Agora wormed  her way into the house and apart from her walks and toilet breaks she doesn’t leave her two favourite spots 1. in front of the Aga or 2. on a big comfy dog bed under the stairs! 

She is really good on or off her lead, this little dog is adorable! But be warned, when she sits in front of you and looks up at you it is hard not to spoil her in ways that would make The Dog Whisperer have a fit!

Agora is quite small for a Podenco, has a thicker coat than most (good for the UK) and so far has displayed less of a hunting instinct than most of the Podencos we know. She isn’t a big jumper, but she’s no mug either so a secure garden is still a must.


MOZAGA aged 18 months –  We saw this girl when she was a fairly small puppy with her siblings but she was separated from them because she damaged one of her front feet. All now fixed and sound although one front foot is slightly larger than the other. Mozaga arrived in the recent batch of immigrants and currently lives with Abrila. She reminds us of an adolescent girl in her looks (but thankfully not in temperament) everything is a bit “gawky” and needs time for all her body bits to come together. But having said that she is a really lovely bitch, quite large, nicely marked and with dropped ears which is rather unusual!

The first two days when she came to the UK she spent her time barking at our horses, so much so, we moved our horses to give her (and us) a break. Now she doesn’t bother at all with them although her natural reservation at new things I think comes from her total institutionalisation in SARA, I guess even with humans some prisoners adapt better to prison life than others. Until we came along I think that the only love that Mozaga had was from her mother for those first few precious weeks. So she is coming to trust and accept humans and is good on her lead, improving every day and we feel is a super, super dog in the making.



PINTADA aged 5 – Pintada has been in rescue for far too long! She is absolutely stunning with markings more like a pointer than the usual foxhound/beagle type markings that typifies the breed. This is another recent immigrant to the UK.  What a character, she demands attention every time you get within 20 metres of her kennel and barks until you talk to her and her alone! I love her to bits. She can jump so well that if she was 3 times as big I’d have a saddle on her and be vying for a place in the British show jumping team! Five bar gates, she leaps without touching and six foot garden fences are clambered over easily.

So it goes without saying that this little girl needs a country home in the middle of nowhere where she won’t come to any harm when she jumps out your garden! But on the upside she loves people so much that she doesn’t run off too far and comes to a quick call. One for the agility enthusiast! Eminently trainable, endless energy, exudes love and affection but in need of a knowledgeable attentive home.


If anyone is interested in adopting any of these dogs, please get in touch with Rick and Lesley on sarashelter_uk@hotmail.com 

They will be bringing another 4 or 5 dogs over to the UK in the next rescue operation in October. We would like to point out that, owing to the different climate and the location of Lanzarote, these Podencos are not susceptable to the Mediterranean diseases (Leishmaniasis – Ehrlichiosis etc). They are fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered etc and available for immediate adoption.

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Podenca encadenada ayuda / Help for chained up Podenca

Posted by podencorescue on May 13, 2010

Podencas encadenadas sin comida ni agua, en estado lamentable malditos asquerosos cazadores. Hay que ayudar a esta pobre, asi morir de hambre o de sed o de un golpe de calor. Que asco, de verdad.

Esta es la compañera de la otra podenca (no tengo fotos), se encuentran en la… misma situación desperada, su queridisimo dueño que imagino que es un cazador las deja abandonadas sin aguan ni comida, pero no tuvo la dignidad de soltarlas de esa maldita cadena, por favor ayudemos a estas pobres perritas a ser felices, en un hogar, son dulces y dociles como todos los de su raza, se encuentran en Malaga pero se envian a otras provincias ayudarme a difundir el caso, por favor hay que encontrarle algo a todos.

Contacto piti777@hotmail.com / 661 229 050 Maria José

Two Podencas left chained up without food or water in a lamentable state. Damn these revolting hunters. It is necessary to help this poor girl before she dies of hunger, thirst or the heat. It is really disgusting. She is the companion of another Podenca (I do not have photos) that is in the same desperate situation. Their “loving” owner, that I imagine to be a hunter, leaves them without access to water or food and hasn’t got the decency to release them from that heavy chain. Please, we have to help these poor dogs to be happy in a home. They are sweet and docile like all of this breed. They are in Malaga but this appeal is sent out to all other provinces to help spread the word and find them something.

Contact piti777@hotmail.com   or 661 229 050 Marie Jose.

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This is why we do it!!

Posted by podencorescue on May 10, 2010

Recently I reported on Ronnie the Podenco looking for a home in the UK. I then reported on his successful adoption after being in foster with Rick and Lesley in the Nottingham area.

There were various people helping with this adoption namely the staff at the Sara rescue centre in Lanzarote, the flight escorts to Germany and a kind volunteer in Germany that helped at the airport. Rick and his friend that drove through the night from the UK to Germany and back on the rescue trip. Lesley and Charlie (Rick’s wife and son) that fostered him in their home and the yard staff that walked and looked after him along with the other foster dogs. Podenco Rescue were also involved with liasing the adoption process and Beryl from Galgo News helped with publicity. And finally his new adopted family.

Many people and a lot of man hours but the following photo, sent to me by Rick showing a very contented Ronnie making himself at home, in front of the Aga, in foster care, shows us why we do it!!

To all volunteers and rescuers ;

Never give up, keep fighting for their rights and make them “smile”.

This photo makes it all so worthwhile …………………….

If you can offer a rescue Podenco a new home in the UK, please contact Rick on         sarashelter_uk@hotmail.com

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Homeless in Sevilla

Posted by podencorescue on May 8, 2010

El Refugio-Escuela in Sevilla have, amongst their many abandoned animals, a sweet Podenca that is desperate for a loving home. This is my translation of what they have written about her:

“We are hoping that these photos will bring a new life for Shadow. A different life where there is no pain, no blows, no fear nor loneliness.

What a beautiful dog you are Shadow. It is wonderful to see you growing in confidence and start to trust, waiting for a cuddle instead of a heavy hand. How sweet you are with your curious eyes discovering the world that lies beyond the cage that you are used to. You are learning to feel the love of an embrace or a whispered word.

Our sweet little red-haired Podenca!

We cannot find the words to describe Shadow. We wish that you could get to know her, to see her sad, submissive scared eyes and hug her small, fragile and frightened body. She must have suffered cruel beatings in the past.

There must be someone out there with a desire to love, caress and pamper her, surely. “

Shadow is an Andalucian Podenca so fairly small in size. She is approximately three years of age, she is sterilised and ready for adoption. If you can offer her a home please get in touch with the refuge.


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Cervantes and Paquito’s Story

Posted by podencorescue on May 5, 2010

Cervantes and Paquito.

Jennifer and Eric from the USA would like to introduce their two rescue Podencos, Cervantes and Paquito. They tell us how they came to adopt them from Galgo Rescue International Network  and how they have made their family complete.

Here is their story:

What is it like to live with a Podenco?  For a quick and honest answer, it is joyful.  My husband, Eric and I adopted Cervantes in 2007 from Galgo Rescue International Network.  We were certainly nervous about adopting a Podenco as we had only adopted Greyhounds in the past and were so comfortable with the Greyhound temperament.  We found out very quickly, that in our experience, Podencos are very similar in nature, very loving and loyal, very mellow, but have their moments of excitability and playfulness. 

Cervantes is missing part of his front left leg due to being caught in a hunter’s trap.  His nickname in our home is “Nugget of Love”.  He LOVES to cuddle and snuggle and sit on our laps.  When he sits in front of us and works his little “nubbin” (that’s what we call his stump of a left leg), our hearts melt.  He enjoys sunbathing in the nice weather and he loves his walks in the evenings.  He favorite toys are plushie squeaky toys and he also like to wrestle with “dad”.  We fell so in love with the breed that we we heard about little Paquito that had been rescued from the streets and fought back from heart worm disease, we opened our home to him. 

We adopted Paquito in 2009.  His nickname in our home is “Spunky Monkey”.  Paquito likes to talk to us a lot and he LOVES to sneak things that he should not have.  Although he has a lot of energy, he lives wonderfully in our home even if we have to skip a day of walking due to our schedules.  He is calm when he knows he should be and very energetic when its time to be.  He is very bonded to our Greyhound, Murfy.  He follows Murfy wherever Murfy goes.  He loves to sunbathe with Cervantes outside and also loves his plushie squeaky toys.  He is the first one in the kitchen when it is dinner time or treat time. 

In our experience, Podencos make wonderful house pets.  They love to be around people, love to get and give affection.  They are amazingly smart and intelligent.  They do need exercise, but they are also content to lay around and relax too. 

It has been an amazing experience to adopt these two and watch them learn to trust again and learn that people are good.
Most of all, they have the ability to bring much laughter with their expressions and quick playful moves.  

We feel very blessed and cannot imagine life without them now.

For Podenco or Galgo adoptions in the USA contact:

  G.R.I.N.    at   http://www.galgorescue.org/

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Abandoned in Valencia, Spain

Posted by podencorescue on May 2, 2010


Barajas is a rough coated, male Podenco born around February 2008. He was wandering the streets for quite a while and was eventually caught and taken into “care” about a year ago. His time on the streets were obviously traumatic for him as he is a little fearful and timid but is coming round and learning to trust people, albeit slowly.

 With a little loving care he will make a wonderful companion and he has many good points. He is playful, house-trained, walks well on a lead, good with other dogs (both male and female) but is not so good with cats.

 It is time now for Barajas to find his forever home …….   Can you help him?

 He is all prepared for adoption in Spain or other mainland European countries. He is neutered, chipped, blood tested, fully vaccinated and has his own passport so adoption could be arranged immediately.

 If you have fallen for those wonderful eyes and feel you could offer him a home, please contact Sylvia  by email  at        silvia_vcia@yahoo.es

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Spanish Galgueros defended in newspaper article

Posted by podencorescue on April 26, 2010

There is an article in a Spanish newspaper defending hunters and calling them “humble”. It transfers the blame for the atrocious photos we have all seen of the abused, hung, burnt and maimed hunting dogs in Spain and the Islands, onto “robbers” who have published them to defame the hunters. Although there is a minority of hunters that do care for their animals, there are 1,000’s of others who treat their dogs shamefully.

This article should never have been printed as it a completely one sided view written by a hunter himself and shame on the newspaper for allowing this.

You can read the full story on Galgo News   Please follow the links and leave your comments on the original article in the newspaper.

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Moxie Mae’s Story

Posted by podencorescue on April 26, 2010

Here is another Your Story from Meryl who spends her time living in both Belgium and the USA. She responded to my appeal for Podencos owners to give a little insight into life living with a Podenco.


Here is her story …………


As far as fitting into our household, Moxie Mae does quite nicely. She gets along just fine with Bear, our Jack Russell and all other dogs she has been introduced to thus far. She is perfectly house trained, is learning not to jump on visitors (which is hard, because she loves to jump!) She behaves fine when she is left alone and has always chewed her designated toys and fortunately not the furniture or shoes. She is mostly curious towards cats, but not aggressive. For her, everything is a potential source of entertainment. Flinging a tiny piece of ‘something’ (could be a twig, old sock or anything really) in the air is something she often does, batting at it with her paws and barking at it and pouncing on it. We have a small walled back yard, but live on the beach where she runs every day endlessly fetching a ball as far as I can possibly throw it and I also tie her to my waist when I go running for a few miles most days of the week. She also loves to go swimming. I think you could live with her in an apartment if you were really dedicated to giving the dog the necessary outside time every day, but it’s not ideal.  She needs lots of exercise and there is a direct correlation to her behaviour with and without the proper amount.  She is also still a puppy though. She absolutely loves to run and she flies! 

In the summers she goes back to the U.S. with us for 3 months. I try to tell people as much as I can about podencos and dogs in general in Spain and the sad situations they face. Moxie is a conversation starter wherever she goes because most people have not seen a podenco and certainly not in the States!

She is smart, a quick learner and so sweet and affectionate. She walks pretty well on a leash, but would rather be running on the leash. She comes when called and has a repertoire of tricks she will readily do for a treat. She loves to snuggle under the covers and when it is time to sleep nothing stands in her way. Running and playing or curled up and sleeping are her two settings. She will eat anything and everything. I cook a lot and she is my sous-chef always patiently watching me chop and dice and thrilled when a chunk of carrot, potato, cucumber or anything else comes flying her way. She even comes running to the sound of the vegetable peeler! 

She is wary of strangers, but gets better everyday and is still less than 1.5 years old. She is learning that when I say it’s o.k., that it really is o.k. She is a very vocal dog! I swear sometimes she has full conversations with me and is only frustrated that I don’t know what she is saying. She moans, groans, yips, and of course, loves to bark. 

She is perfect for me and I am so glad I adopted her. It is ridiculous for people to think that a podenco can’t be a good pet and I truly believe that it usually comes down to the owner and the time they put into the animal. For me, I now have an exercise companion, and snuggle buddy on the couch, and a live-in Joker who makes me laugh out loud every single day. 

Author :

Meryl, from Belgium, on Moxie Mae

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