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New home needed in France or Spain

Posted by podencorescue on April 22, 2010


 Nela is a sweet little Podenco around 12 months old. I say little as she stands only 35 cms tall so fairly small for this breed.

 She was found wandering the streets of a Madrid suburb but it is unknown if she had been living in the area or dumped by someone from the surrounding countryside. It is probably the latter as she is still not accustomed to walking properly on a lead.

 With abandoned dogs it is difficult to know what they have gone through in their past and Nela is no exception. She is a little timid and wary of strange situations. She doesn’t come when called unless you tempt her with a little meat.

 Nela is looking for a new home with someone who can spend some time bringing her out of her shell. Podencos make wonderful companions and are very loyal once they have overcome their initial fear.

 With a little time and effort Nela could be a wonderful addition to your family.

 She is currently in a shelter in Spain but can be adopted through  L’Europe des Lévriers in the Paris region.

 Please email     band@bbrennan.eu    in English

or contact the association

www.adopter-levrier.com  en français.


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