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Our first successful adoption

Posted by podencorescue on April 23, 2010

Time to open the champagne as we can now celebrate our first adoption. RONNIE has found a forever home in the UK.

This may seem a little fast to you but I have to be honest and say that there were plans afoot during the set up of this weblog.

Beryl from Galgo News had contacted me as she had received an enquiry, through her site, for a Podenco currently in the UK. She asked if I could help and this was actually what prompted me to start up Podenco Rescue. Knowing what Beryl does for the Galgos I wanted to relieve her of some of her workload by concentrating on the Podencos.

Anyway, back to Ronnie. I knew that Rick and Lesley Beachamp had some Podencos that they had rescued from the Sara shelter in Lanzarote and I contacted them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they were actually visiting the shelter to arrange for more dogs to travel to the UK and they were unable to see to this enquiry. Not wanting to miss out on a possible adoption I intervened and set the wheels in motion. Through my newly set up database I was able to send out photos and details, to the new adopter, of 6 dogs that were appropriate. He fell in love with two of them but we had to wait for Rick and Lesley’s return before he could visit them. Fortunately, they managed to get one of the last flights out of Lanzarote before the volcano fiasco and they contacted the new adopter on their return. They did the usual checks, a visit was arranged and Ronnie was chosen.

He now lives with his new brother (a GSD) in a home yards from open fields and woodland. I had advised the new owner to prepare his garden walls (raise them) and to make sure the two males were compatable before adoption. It seems my worries were unfounded as Ronnie has made himself well at home, as you can see by the final photo, and has made no attempt to escape. He gets on very well with his new found friend and they enjoy long walks together in the nearby woods, although Ronnie is still on a lead for now. Hopefully, they can gamble the fields together, off lead, when Ronnie is more settled.

So a pat on the back to Ronnie’s new family for choosing a rescue dog, Beryl from Galgo News, Rick and Lesley, and a little one for me as well.

We hope you have a long and wonderful life with your new family Ronnie!!!

If you are in the UK and are interested in rescuing a Podenco from Lanzarote, please contact Rick and Lesley       sarashelter_uk@hotmail.com


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