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Your Stories

Posted by podencorescue on April 24, 2010

I have introduced a new page called Living with a Podenco – Your Stories, where I hope people will send me their experiences of having a Podenco in their lives.

It is a general assumption that Hounds (be it Podencos, Galgos, Greyhounds etc) do not make good house dogs and need acres of garden for exercise. Being working dogs it is thought that they are aloof and not very affectionate. This is so far from the truth as hopefully “Your Stories” will prove.

It is true that they need exercising, but then, so do all other breeds. It is also true that they appear to be aloof but that is probably down to being wary of strangers. Many of these animals have never known a cuddle or a soft voice.

Imagine spending your whole life on the end of a short, heavy chain, in blazing sunshine with only rock hard, dry rolls to eat (if you’re lucky). Imagine only hearing harsh words and loud commands. Imagine only knowing the feel of a humans hand on your skin was when you were being beaten into submission. To them it is not normal for someone to stroke them gently or to be spoken to in “baby” voices. They have never been called “poppet”, “sweetie” or “honeybun “. They don’t even know what a squeaky toy is – they have never been taught to play.

One thing they are though is intelligent. Once they have realised that there will be a bowl of proper food available everyday, that strange thing in the corner is a really comfy bed all for themselves and those stupid “baby” noises you keep making are not going to hurt them …. watch them change.

They are loyal, affectionate and will soon become a valuable and much loved member of your family …… but don’t take my word for it, read Your Stories


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