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Spanish Galgueros defended in newspaper article

Posted by podencorescue on April 26, 2010

There is an article in a Spanish newspaper defending hunters and calling them “humble”. It transfers the blame for the atrocious photos we have all seen of the abused, hung, burnt and maimed hunting dogs in Spain and the Islands, onto “robbers” who have published them to defame the hunters. Although there is a minority of hunters that do care for their animals, there are 1,000’s of others who treat their dogs shamefully.

This article should never have been printed as it a completely one sided view written by a hunter himself and shame on the newspaper for allowing this.

You can read the full story on Galgo News   Please follow the links and leave your comments on the original article in the newspaper.


3 Responses to “Spanish Galgueros defended in newspaper article”

  1. Thanks for giving even more publicity to this appalling claim by the hunter journalist. He sure is getting a hammering in the comments on the website. All the hunting dogs in Spain and on the Islands suffer terrible maltreatment in the hands of the majority of Spanish hunters. Curse them all!

  2. Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen said

    These humbel hunters are responsibel for maltreatment,murder,torture and letting their galgos breed indiscriminatly. Fie is what I think of them they are arrogant liers letting their galgos suffer needlesly. How would they like to be treated in that same manner this is what they deserve for inflicting so much suffering on the innocent as they have done in the past and keep doing despite peoples opposition to their henious acts of wanton cruelty.They are a sadistic bunch of soulless individuals who love seeing the poor galgos suffer this is the Spain I will never visit nor ask my friends to frequent animal hell on earth.To be fair a very few hunters live up to their responsibillity as for the others they are trash and deserve nothing but utter contempt and disregard they are subhuman and worthless in every sense of the word. As long as they persist with their cruel and heartless ways I will not set my foot in Spain or buy Spanish products as they are products from a cruel sadistic people.

    • Lisbeth,

      I agree with your thoughts and admire your passion for the rights of the hunting dogs in Spain. Most of what you say is true but there are many hunters who do treat their animals properly and there are many Spanish who now have a better respect for animals. Sadly, there are still not enough of these animal lovers but there are many rescue associations who work tirelessly not only with the animals but in educating the people. Slowly, their attitude is changing and hopefully the youth of today will learn to show them love and affection in the future.

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