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Homeless in Sevilla

Posted by podencorescue on May 8, 2010

El Refugio-Escuela in Sevilla have, amongst their many abandoned animals, a sweet Podenca that is desperate for a loving home. This is my translation of what they have written about her:

“We are hoping that these photos will bring a new life for Shadow. A different life where there is no pain, no blows, no fear nor loneliness.

What a beautiful dog you are Shadow. It is wonderful to see you growing in confidence and start to trust, waiting for a cuddle instead of a heavy hand. How sweet you are with your curious eyes discovering the world that lies beyond the cage that you are used to. You are learning to feel the love of an embrace or a whispered word.

Our sweet little red-haired Podenca!

We cannot find the words to describe Shadow. We wish that you could get to know her, to see her sad, submissive scared eyes and hug her small, fragile and frightened body. She must have suffered cruel beatings in the past.

There must be someone out there with a desire to love, caress and pamper her, surely. “

Shadow is an Andalucian Podenca so fairly small in size. She is approximately three years of age, she is sterilised and ready for adoption. If you can offer her a home please get in touch with the refuge.



7 Responses to “Homeless in Sevilla”

  1. This little sweetie is just like my Bebe, a tiny body with a huge personality – Bebe rules the roost amongst my lurcher and two galgas, they know she is leader of the pack. And then, when I sit down, there she is, up on the seat next to me, waiting to be cuddled and loved.

    I so hope someone will find a place in their heart for Shadow, I can heartily recommend taking her into your home. She will be the most loyal and loving little dog

  2. Pat B said

    (I think I sent a reply to the wrong plce, so here is a copy)-

    I would love to adopt Shadow (or one like her) as a companion for Ozzie, my
    rescue whippetXgreyhound. Our older dog died in January, and two is always
    better than one.
    I am a little concerned about the cost though if she has to be brought from

    • Hi Pat,

      It is a little expensive but there are ways and means. You could liase with the shelter and see if they can get her sent to Northern Europe (Belgium, France, Holland, Germany) as this is usually a lot cheaper than a direct flight to the UK. You would then have to arrange to go over and collect her.
      The biggest problem is the quarantine regulations for the UK. After a rabies blood test she would have to remain in the shelter or foster care for at least 6 months.

      Drop me a line on podenco.rescue@hotmail.com and we can discuss further.

      Thank you for caring.


  3. Angela Kimbro said

    You surely will find someone who can take her. She is easy to fall in love with, poor girl. I hope her next home is a very experienced rescue forever home!

  4. jen said

    Did this gorgeous girl get her forever home? I hope so. I already have 4 dogs, 3 rescue greys and a dalmatian. I go to greyhound rescue kennels to walk the ones needing a forever home. I used to feel sorry for them but since I have learnt about the world of dogs out there I know that dogs in kennels waiting for the forever homes are the very lucky ones.

  5. jen said

    thanks for getting back and letting me know about shadow she is so sweet so pleast there is rescues out there they do a brill job as do all the rescues im sure someone will come forward for shadow i wish you luck with all you do thank god for the caring people who do this work because the dogs need them

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