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This is why we do it!!

Posted by podencorescue on May 10, 2010

Recently I reported on Ronnie the Podenco looking for a home in the UK. I then reported on his successful adoption after being in foster with Rick and Lesley in the Nottingham area.

There were various people helping with this adoption namely the staff at the Sara rescue centre in Lanzarote, the flight escorts to Germany and a kind volunteer in Germany that helped at the airport. Rick and his friend that drove through the night from the UK to Germany and back on the rescue trip. Lesley and Charlie (Rick’s wife and son) that fostered him in their home and the yard staff that walked and looked after him along with the other foster dogs. Podenco Rescue were also involved with liasing the adoption process and Beryl from Galgo News helped with publicity. And finally his new adopted family.

Many people and a lot of man hours but the following photo, sent to me by Rick showing a very contented Ronnie making himself at home, in front of the Aga, in foster care, shows us why we do it!!

To all volunteers and rescuers ;

Never give up, keep fighting for their rights and make them “smile”.

This photo makes it all so worthwhile …………………….

If you can offer a rescue Podenco a new home in the UK, please contact Rick on         sarashelter_uk@hotmail.com


5 Responses to “This is why we do it!!”

  1. We thought that we’d send this photo of Ronnie relaxing. When we chose Ronnie and his brother Reggie we frankly never expected to make them as housefriendly as easily. Before they came in the house they were “wild”. Within a few days they were housetrained and happy and walking off their leads when out with our pack.
    It broke our hearts to find Ronnie a new home as he was a truly beautiful dog.

    But, of course, a fabulous home was exactly what the doctor ordered and his new owners love him to bits! Every Podenco that comes through our hands is loved and treated as if they were our own and any prospective owner can enquire in the knowledge that our Poddys will be carefully matched to you.

  2. Absolutely, Joanne, what an absolutely fabulous pic. Bless this wonderful dog for finding such a fabulous forever home. How I pray that all these deserving dogs could also find something similar, where they lie on their backs, asleep, totally confident that nothing wicked and painful will be inflicted upon them.

    Glad to have helped.


  3. Telma Shaw said

    thank you for sharing this amazingly beautiful and funny photo! For all of us who devote our lives to helping just one dog at a time, these are the phtotos that make it all worth while!

  4. Janet Staig said

    Ronnie is having a great time will try and post some pictures as soon as i can just not sure who is getting the most exercise. He has settled in very well and gets on great with Zomo our other dog and visa versa.

  5. Lovely to hear that Janet.
    If you send some details and photos to my Email address, I will write a follow up in the “Successful Adoptions” section of the site.
    Email : podenco.rescue@hotmail.com

    Give Ronnie a hug from me (and one for Zomo, of course)


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