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Luxury Accommodation in Tenerife!!

Posted by podencorescue on May 22, 2010

Compact, bijou, naturally air conditioned, secluded, rustic accommodation available in Tenerife………………………………

This is one man’s idea of suitable accommodation for numerous Podencos on the island of Tenerife.  The shack is built into the hillside and the dogs have no access to an outside area for exercise. It is unsanitary and dangerous and the local animal welfare association, ADEPAC,  is trying to seize the dogs for their own welfare.

German association, Canarian Animals in Need (CAIN), have sent me this and many other photos of Podencos on Tenerife that need help. ADEPAC cannot house any more animals and are desperate for new homes for Podencos across Europe.

These photos show a seperate incident of two tiny puppies that were rescued from an underground concrete bunker in a field miles away from anywhere. With no food and water we can only presume they had been left there to die!!!

These dogs need your help!

If you are able to adopt, foster, sponsor or help in any way please contact:

CAIN  – Germany       http://www.canarian-animals-in-need.de

ADEPAC – Spain      http://www.adepac.es 

or send an Email to podenco.rescue@hotmail.com and I will forward your mail on.


One Response to “Luxury Accommodation in Tenerife!!”

  1. Geeeeezzzz!! It’s incredible how some people treat dogs. Thank goodness there is an association trying to stop this. Hope the man will be prosecuted. Will post a link on Galgo News.

    Keep up the good work profiling the plight of the podencos, such wonderful dogs.

    B xxx

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