Podenco Rescue

dedicated to raising the profile and re-homing Podenco Hounds


Podenco Rescue

My reason for this site came about because I felt there was a need to raise the profile of these wonderful dogs. Podencos are not as well known as Galgos, Greyhounds etc and therefore don’t have as many dedicated pages on the web giving them a disadvantage in the adoption stakes.

I will be posting various news stories as I hear about them and any urgent appeals for assistance but my main intention is to compile a database of Podencos currently looking for forever homes. When prospective new owners start searching the web for their new family member they have to trawl through hundreds of animal shelters looking for their specific needs/wants. Hopefully I can amass enough information on abandoned Podencos looking for homes that I can steer these new owners to their ideal pet as soon as possible.

So please call in from time to time, send me any news you would like me to post and let me know of any Podencos you are trying to help for inclusion in the database.

My contact address is podenco.rescue@hotmail.com or you can post on the Facebook page          Podenco Rescue


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Great that the podencos now have their own dedicated website. They also receive terrible treatment from the Spanish hunters, both on the mainland and on the Spanish Islands. They are completely different characters from the galgos I post about and, although I’ve tried to publicise the plight of the podenco too, a website just to highlight them is wonderful.

    Good luck and great that you are doing this.

    Bon chance.


  2. Many thanks for your kind words Beryl.

    Hopefully this site will ease things for you a little and you can concentrate on the wonderful work you do for Galgos.

    Je vous embrasse


  3. Jennifer said


    Hello…I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, my husband, Eric, and our two Podencos, Paquito and Cervantes. We adopted them through Galgo Rescue International Network. We live in the U.S. We also have a retired rescued greyhound named Murfy. We adopted him through an organization here in the States. We adopted Cervantes back in December of 2007. He is WONDERFUL. He was our first introduction to the breed and we are completely hooked. He is missing part of his front left leg due to being caught in a hunter’s trap in Spain, but he gets around beautifully and runs with Murfy in the backyard a lot. He loves to snuggle and sit on our laps, but he also has his very playful moments that just melt our hearts. We adopted Paquito last March. He had been living on the streets in Spain and was finally rescued and had to overcome heart worm and a couple other illnesses, but he is a fighter and we feel blessed to have him in our home now. He is our “spunky monkey”. He has lots of energy, but still also loves to cuddle and get attention from us. Well, I could go on and on about them. We are so in love with the breed and I keep up with Galgo News and the SARA site a lot….so I was very excited to hear about your new site dedicated to Podencos. If you do not mind, I would like to ask Galgo Rescue International Network to put a link to your site on their website. I recently helped them write up some things for a Podenco Page that they have on their website now. I would love to add your site too. Please let me know if that would be o.k. with you. Please feel free to contact me at the email address I entered when posting this comment. Thanks for what you are doing to help this wonderful breed!
    Lots of Hugs from Murfy, Cervantes and Paquito-
    Jennifer & Eric

  4. Hi Jennifer, Eric and Babies,

    Thanks for visiting the site and your comments. I hope you will keep popping in from time to time.
    As you can see, the site is fairly new but I will be adding much more to it in the next few weeks. I intend having a page dedicated to stories from owners giving their views on “life with a Podenco”. Many people think that they don’t make good house dogs etc and it would be nice to put their minds at rest with input from people who have hands on experience.
    So if you (or anyone else that has a Podenco) would like to contribute a story and some photos, I would love to hear from you
    The email address is podenco.rescue@hotmail.com


  5. Silvia said

    Woow! Paquito, Barajas I feel like at home:-)) Jennifer and Eric, so glad to see you here. I have also a podenco, Lukas is the name of my old boy, I have rescued him three years ago from a man that wanted Lukas die that´s why he was not feeding him.He has a special character, podencos are special. Thanks Joanne for the work you are doing.



  6. Kim Plotnek said

    We stumbled across your website tonight and had to email you.

    We have adopted 2 gorgeous Ibizan hounds via a website called dog watch Uk. Katie and Nero – brother and sister. They are 4 years old and are absolutely gorgeous and much loved.
    We would be happy to foster for you and look forward to hearing from you.You clearly do a fantastic job for these amazing dogs so please keep up the good work. If we can help in any way please contact us.
    Best wishes

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