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Ronnie available in the UK

Posted by podencorescue on April 21, 2010

Ronnie was born on 10th July 2008. He was left outside a shelter in a plastic washing up bowl when he was around 6 weeks old. The shelter staff arrived one morning to find three little puppies all cuddling up trying to keep warm. These were obviously a litter that had been abandoned by local huntsmen (who won’t get their animals neutered) and some kind soul had brought them to the shelter.

  Ronnie caught the eye of Rick and Lesley Beauchamp who had travelled to Lanzarote to rescue four dogs and they decided to start the long process of preparing him (along with his brother Reggie) for the UK.

During their holidays on Lanzarote, Rick and Lesley spent virtually everyday at the shelter making friends with the brothers. They would take them out for walks which, as they had only known kennel life, proved to be “eventful” to say the least. Over a period of time they started to walk better on the lead and got to know Rick and Lesley.

 Even though the boys had never known a “hunt”, as they were only babies when they were dumped, they still had the breed instinct to run and search for interesting smells in the surrounding fields of the shelter. Both dogs were walked on very long leads to give them a little more freedom.

 Eventually the time came for them to be flown over to the UK in November 2009. As costs are too high for a direct flight they were flown to Germany and Rick drove overland to pick them up and take them back to their farm in Nottinghamshire. There were a total of 4 dogs sent over so things were going to be a little hectic in their household in future as they already have their own dogs that live on the farm.

 Two of the four dogs (including Reggie) now have forever homes so that leaves Ronnie and a female called Cristina looking for homes. (more on Cristina later).

Rick and Lesley are rescuing another four dogs this month and are waiting for available flights (thank you volcanic dust!!) so they really need these two re-homed as soon as possible.

Can you help? Could you offer a home to Ronnie?

Ronnie has now been adopted !!!!!!!!!

Please contact sarashelter_uk@hotmail.com for further details


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