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Cross Europe trip to rescue 4 Podencas

Posted by podencorescue on April 25, 2010

Monday 25th is the first day of the rescue mission from Nottinghamshire to Dusseldorf airport and back for Rick Beauchamp. Hopefully, if everything goes ok with their flights etc he will be returning with 4 female Podencos from Sara Protectora in Lanzarote in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Three times a year Rick and Lesley go to Lanzarote and personally choose four dogs to prepare for UK adoption. They ensure they have their rabies jabs and arrange for the necessary blood tests. Then the wait begins as the dogs cannot leave Lanzarote for at least 6 months.  Flying the dogs over is not an option as the British airlines will charge an extortionate amount for their flights (approx. £500 per dog) so the dogs are flown into European airports for much less. This means that they then have to travel overland and on the ferry to get them safely back to the UK.

Rick and Lesley are now searching for homes for these four beauties. Pintada = 5 years,   Agora = 3 years,   Abrila = 18 mths,   Dulce = 18 mths.

Two of the dogs are flying  into Cologne on Tuesday mid-day and fortunately their flight partners have kindly agreed to transport them by car to Dusseldorf. There they will meet up with Rick who will be waiting for the second two dogs that are arriving late afternoon. Things could be a little hectic at the airport trying to find and organise two sets of flight partners and four dogs. If anyone lives near to Dusseldorf airport and could spare an hour on Tuesday to lend a hand your help would be gratefully received as all four dogs will need walking etc before their long trip back to the UK by road.

Further details can be obtained by Emailing  podenco.rescue@hotmail.com



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