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Cervantes and Paquito’s Story

Posted by podencorescue on May 5, 2010

Cervantes and Paquito.

Jennifer and Eric from the USA would like to introduce their two rescue Podencos, Cervantes and Paquito. They tell us how they came to adopt them from Galgo Rescue International Network  and how they have made their family complete.

Here is their story:

What is it like to live with a Podenco?  For a quick and honest answer, it is joyful.  My husband, Eric and I adopted Cervantes in 2007 from Galgo Rescue International Network.  We were certainly nervous about adopting a Podenco as we had only adopted Greyhounds in the past and were so comfortable with the Greyhound temperament.  We found out very quickly, that in our experience, Podencos are very similar in nature, very loving and loyal, very mellow, but have their moments of excitability and playfulness. 

Cervantes is missing part of his front left leg due to being caught in a hunter’s trap.  His nickname in our home is “Nugget of Love”.  He LOVES to cuddle and snuggle and sit on our laps.  When he sits in front of us and works his little “nubbin” (that’s what we call his stump of a left leg), our hearts melt.  He enjoys sunbathing in the nice weather and he loves his walks in the evenings.  He favorite toys are plushie squeaky toys and he also like to wrestle with “dad”.  We fell so in love with the breed that we we heard about little Paquito that had been rescued from the streets and fought back from heart worm disease, we opened our home to him. 

We adopted Paquito in 2009.  His nickname in our home is “Spunky Monkey”.  Paquito likes to talk to us a lot and he LOVES to sneak things that he should not have.  Although he has a lot of energy, he lives wonderfully in our home even if we have to skip a day of walking due to our schedules.  He is calm when he knows he should be and very energetic when its time to be.  He is very bonded to our Greyhound, Murfy.  He follows Murfy wherever Murfy goes.  He loves to sunbathe with Cervantes outside and also loves his plushie squeaky toys.  He is the first one in the kitchen when it is dinner time or treat time. 

In our experience, Podencos make wonderful house pets.  They love to be around people, love to get and give affection.  They are amazingly smart and intelligent.  They do need exercise, but they are also content to lay around and relax too. 

It has been an amazing experience to adopt these two and watch them learn to trust again and learn that people are good.
Most of all, they have the ability to bring much laughter with their expressions and quick playful moves.  

We feel very blessed and cannot imagine life without them now.

For Podenco or Galgo adoptions in the USA contact:

  G.R.I.N.    at   http://www.galgorescue.org/


One Response to “Cervantes and Paquito’s Story”

  1. What a lovely story. Cervantes is one of dozens of podencos who suffer as a result of the vile metal snares which the hunters use. I have had two podenco bitches in foster at my home on different occasions, who also suffered the same fate.

    And this story so describes their character, they really do make the most wonderful loyal and affectionate pets.

    If you want a smaller dog than a greyhound/galgo, then adopt a podenco, they too deserve the chance to experience life in the paradise of a forever home.


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